Pressure Washing in AZ – Keep the Grime from Coming Inside!

Avoid Salt Damage to Your Tile and Carpeting with High-Quality, Experienced Pressure Washing!

Stop turning off your customers and losing business with your salty walkways and grimy floors. Use Clean Sweep’s professional pressure washing to save money and increase sales!

Prolong the life of your floors, carpets, entryways, pavement. Use Clean Sweep’s professional pressure washing service.

We can help you:

  • Wash away the excess salt and sand residue so it doesn’t track into your store!
  • Clean your sidewalks, entryways and parking areas preventing further salt damage inside and outside your store or office.
  • Wash your shopping carts’ wheels to help keep your tile floors clean.
  • Reduce concrete damage from winter salting by pressure washing traffic areas.

Hiring Clean Sweep Property Services for your pressure washing needs will save your company a large amount of money on repairs and replacements.

Wouldn’t you rather deal with happy clients?

Maintaining a professional and presentable store front or office will assist in sales by impressing customers and clients.

If you enter a store or office with your shoes and cuffs are covered in salt and dirt, do you feel like conducting business or finding the nearest restroom?

If your customer slips and falls on your dirty, salty tile, do you think spending money will be the first thing on their mind?

It is impossible to speculate on how much money will be saved and how much will be made by using our service. One thing is for sure, not using Clean Sweep’s pressure washing service will cost more time, money, and business than the price of routine pressure washing.

Contact Clean Sweep Property Services for all of your Arizona Pressure Washing Needs! Call us directly at (480) 650-7402 for a free estimate today!