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If the property happens to be a business, choosing not to put maintenance at the top of the priority list could mean the difference in having several customers or none at all. Luckily, there are property maintenance companies that focus on the upkeep and cleanup of homes and businesses so owners can focus their attention… Read More

Depending on how much time you have on your hands or how patient you’re feeling at the moment or, in some cases, how risky you might be, you’ll make one of two decisions. Make your own parking spot and hope other customers respect your choice or leave and take your business elsewhere.   As a… Read More

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Clear drinking water after a nice visit to the gym, multiple options for lunch with friends, and stoplights that keep the flow of traffic moving at a safe and steady pace are all things we encounter throughout our day that we don’t typically think twice about. Another example? Clean streets.   Our streets and highways… Read More