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Invest in Parking Garage Sweeping & Marking During Winter Months

The winter months can create havoc in a parking garage. It is important to make sure your business is prepared for the winter months as most customers will be particular about where they spend their money.

If you want to entice customers and represent your business in a way that is appealing, the parking garage is a good place to start.

Trash, leaves and dirt can build up in the winter months, when the traffic in a parking garage begins to wind down. However, it is in these months that it is most crucial to ensure that your business stands out from your competition. Customers will notice every little defect in a parking garage when business is slow and there are fewer vehicles parked in the garage.

Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is one of the most essential tools that a business can use to attract customers. If your customers are greeted with a parking garage that looks and feels grubby, it doesn’t create a great first impression. A warm and welcoming parking garage speaks volumes about a business before the customer sets foot in the door.
A well-maintained and freshly-marked parking garage tells customers that you are open for business and consistent in your approach to excellence in service, regardless of the time of year. At Clean Sweep Property Services, we can provide one-off sweeping and marking services or provide your business with regular maintenance to ensure that your parking garage always looks clean and professional.

Parking Garage Sweeping

Besides keeping your parking garage clean of garbage, leaves and dust, regular sweeping ensures that serious stains do not go unnoticed. A parking garage is particularly vulnerable to staining due to the fact that the space is used to house motor vehicles. Typical issues include staining from exhaust, oil and gas leaks, and discarded chewing gum.
At Clean Sweep all our products and equipment are eco-friendly, resulting in a clean and safe environment for your customers when they arrive at your business. Debris and stains represent a potential safety hazard as well as making your parking garage look unappealing to customers and visitors. Keeping your parking garage tidy could prevent trips, slips, or falls, which could seriously injure one of your customers.

Power Washing

If staining is identified during sweeping, Clean Sweep Property Services will make you aware of the issue. Many of our customers opt to have their parking garage power washed regularly to ensure that the site remains clean, safe and presentable to visitors. Alternatively, you can avail of ad hoc power washing services to give your parking garage a makeover when needed.
When it comes to power washing, occasions may arise where you need an emergency cleaning. Hazardous spills that cannot be easily cleaned up by your in-house employees merit immediate attention. Clean Sweep offers convenient, fast and effective sweeping and power washing services when you need to ensure your parking garage is a safe environment for visitors.

Parking Garage Marking

A well-marked parking garage makes it easier for your visitors to navigate their way around the space. If your parking spaces are not well marked, it can result in visitors parking in areas that are unsuitable or even dangerous. If you have received complaints from customers that your parking garage is difficult to navigate, remarking spaces, lanes and signage can help ensure that traffic flows effectively and safely. It is also a good idea to make sure that curbs are marked – especially in dimly-lit areas.
In many cases, failing to maintain marking and stenciling can have legal ramifications for your business. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) includes requirements for the number of parking spaces available in certain parking garages, for instance. Other legal issues may arise if parking spaces and other markings do not create a safe environment for visitors to your business.

Professional Maintenance

If you are in need of maintenance services for your parking garage, it is time to bring in the professionals. At Clean Sweep Property Services, we are committed to providing the highest standard of maintenance for your business. We can provide regular maintenance services that are designed to keep your parking garage and entrances clean.
For many of our clients, liability is a major concern. The Clean Sweep team understands the challenges that you face and can provide you with maintenance solutions to keep you and your customers safe. The majority of accidents on a business’s premises are due to insufficient maintenance of public sites. The parking garage is particularly at risk because it experiences heavy traffic and footfall.

If your parking garage is in need of maintenance and cleaning, reach out to Clean Sweep Property Services for excellence in eco-friendly services. We cannot wait to work with you to help improve the appearance and safety of your business.