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Benefits of Construction Street Sweeping

Construction sites are notorious for making a mess. Oftentimes, the bigger the mess, the more dramatic before and after result.

We’ve all heard about things get worse before they get better, and that’s never been truer than when it comes to a construction site of any sort. That’s where Clean Sweep Property Services enters the picture. It’s our mission to make the construction process a little smoother, a little easier, and, if possible, a lot cleaner along the way.


There are certain guidelines construction companies must follow during the demolition phase of a project and we get involved to help ensure those guidelines are met without sacrificing timelines and goals. By focusing on the task of cleaning up debris and sweeping the streets, the construction team can devote their attention to their primary task of constructing. Obviously, there are several benefits of construction street sweeping, all of which cement the choice to reach out to professionals during the initial construction phase.


Construction Street Sweeping Helps Reduce Pollutants


With construction of any kind, whether it’s homeowners or business related, it’s important to follow the regulations of government agencies to ensure rules aren’t broken and potential environmental harm is avoided. At Clean Sweep, we follow all guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Water Act (CWA) for every one of our cleaning adventures. In fact, our efforts in street sweeping is a constant factor in promoting a cleaner, more enjoyable environment. When extending these services for construction sites, we strive to reduce the amount of pollutants entering the water system in the area.


The EPA has established several necessary rules in order for construction companies to meet their requirements in an effort to avoid serious issues such as sedimentation, erosion, water contamination, as well as non-compliance with the CWA. When choosing to use street sweeping professionals, like our team at Clean Sweep, it allows the construction company to focus on their building priorities, while we focus on the cleaning aspect. In doing so, it guarantees cleanliness standards are met and everyone is complying with federal, state, and local regulations.


Our experience in street sweeping and cleaning up construction debris is the perfect complement to companies, or individuals exploring the option of construction. We consistently reclaim, filter, and reuse wastewater to reduce water consumption and avoid fines at all of the sites we’re invited to. Additionally, we have state-of-the-art trucks and equipment allowing us the ability to bring our own water to the site. We’ll save you time and money, while protecting the environment at the same time; guaranteed.


Happy Construction Site, Happy Community


There’s no denying construction sites are messy and loud, and somewhat disruptive to the community surrounding them. However, a well-maintained construction site can do a lot towards keeping the community happy while work is in progress. Keeping dirt, debris, and dust to a minimum during the construction phase will go a long way in earning the approval and acceptance of residents nearby. Cleaning as you go is probably the easiest way to achieve this and it’s our job to do just that. When cleaning sites during and after construction, it’s imperative the community see guidelines are being followed, and compliance is a priority to avoid potential fines and citations. Keeping the community happy will in turn make the construction site a happier place.


Beyond appeasing surrounding residents, keeping a clean construction site aids in making the community more attractive. As the end goal of any construction project is to make something better, it helps to ruffle as few feathers as possible along the way. Providing a visual exterior that is as attractive as possible during construction could lead to potential clients in the future. If they see the space you’re working on means more than assembly, they’re likely to reach out should they have a project on the horizon. Clean Sweeps handles the dirty work ensuring mud isn’t clogging up work areas and materials aren’t lying around haphazardly.


Whether it’s large asphalt pieces, splintered wood, concrete spills, or discarded debris, regular sweeping makes the site overall a much more user-friendly space. Larger materials ultimately find their way to drains or gutters, causing blockages and backups. If ignored, these irritants could possibly lead to flooding of roadways and nearby homes. By allowing professionals to keep the area clean with regular removal of debris, contractors achieve the goal of maintaining a small footprint throughout the construction phase.


Clean Sweep Does the Dirty Work


At Clean Sweep Property Services, we’re no stranger to construction sites. Reach out to us today to ensure your construction site remains as clean as possible. We’ll not only maintain the space by cleaning and providing dust control during construction, but we’ll be available for final cleanup once the job is complete. Contact us for a personalized plan for your construction site.