Parking Garage & Street Sweeping & Scrubbing Services

Impress Your Customers & Investors all while retaining the value of your property with Clean Sweep Property Services.

Clean Sweep Property Services is dedicated to providing your property with the pristine appearance it deserves. We are skilled in accomplish this with our street, lot and garage sweeping processes that are eco friendly.

Quality Equipment

All of our sweeper trucks are particulate matter 310 certified. We obtain compliance with the Air Quality Departments 310 guidelines to limit dust into the ambient air from any property or operation that may serve as a dust source. Our powerful custom built regenerative air and broom sweeper trucks will provide the highest level of sweeping for your property. While our highly trained driving staff and detailing technician are equipped with powerful blowers to blow out all corners, sidewalks, landscaping, curbing, and enclosures from dumpster overflow and loading docks. Our detailers and drivers undergo comprehensive training to entirely appreciate our equipment in order to operate it at the safest and highest standards. Part of our unique training is that each of our detailers and our drivers are assigned a designated instructor to instruct each employee about your property’s specific layout to guarantee your property is serviced impeccably every time.

Services Customized to Fit Your Needs

Depending on your property’s level of need. Your street, lot or garage may need a heavy-duty scrubbing. Clean Sweep Property Services will get the job done with our proprietary custom built equipment. Our exceptional equipment provides an all in one process you won’t be disappointed with. We start with a rotary surface cleaner, treating the grimy surface of your street, lot or garage. Scrubbing robustly, we loosen years of stuck on oil, dirt, and grime that has been discoloring your property’s surface.

Our equipment does this all while our reclaimed water systems are activated simultaneously. Instantly this allows contaminated water and debris to be pulled up, preventing dirt from resettling. The filtrated reclaimed water is recycled at a 90% retention level and recirculates to be used again in the process. With Clean Sweep’s scrubbing technology and equipment, we are able to provide you with eco-friendly service on a variety of surfaces. Your street, lot, and garages will benefit from regular cleaning removing layers of dirt, oil and grim reviling amazing results that speak for themselves.

Clean Sweep Property Services unlike other is capable of providing pictures and documentary reports of a completed job for your records upon request. Our staff is equipped with iPads, smart devices and custom software that allows this and so much more. We are pleased to have the ability to electronically notify you of any illegal dumping, damage to the property, maintenance needed and other services your property may require and are not aware of. We are happy to be your eyes on the property giving you the advantage to act swiftly.

Discover Your Property’s Potential, Contact Clean Sweep Today

Clean Sweep Property Services knowledgeable executive staff will assist you with customization of your sweeping and or scrubbing schedules. We are pleased to accommodate your time needs and understand budgetary requirements. That’s why we promise to always provide you with a competitive and honest price. We want to support you in discovering your property’s potential today with our services to sweep and scrub the filth away!