Hot Water Pressure Cleaning Services

Clean Sweep Property Services is pleased to provide our clients and their properties with our one-of-a-kind hot water and steam pressure cleaning services.

Clean Sweep’s hot water and steam pressure washing stand apart from others with our equipment’s variable temperature setting capabilities. Our state of the art pressure washers permit up to 5,000 PSI of hot water and steam to remove an array of unsightly elements. Clean Sweep’s pressure washers will provide amazing results with removal of some of the toughest materials including oil, grease, gum, mold, mildew, graffiti, and other heat reactive substances. Clean Sweep is equipped to remove these materials and many more from buildings, parking garages, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, warehouses, truck wells, dumpster areas, and anywhere else you can think of.

Quality Equipment & Techniques

We use proprietary purpose-built equipment, customized pressure washing techniques, and technology to ensure that your property receives the deepest cleaning it needs. Whether your property is commercial, industrial, or has a parking ramp/garage, Clean Sweep is here to provide an expert service at a competitive price. We want you to receive the best service possible and that’s why all our technicians undergo thorough training and display competency of the highest standards to operate our equipment. All our employees are regularly screened, have been e-verified and had background checks performed. Our Pressure Washing Technicians will provide a professional detailed cleaning that gives you satisfactory results every time.

Customized Services to Fit Your Needs

We offer different equipment and procedures for our pressure cleaning services depending on the type of job at hand. Our custom pressure cleaning spinners will provide a resilient cleaning for smaller areas that require meticulous cleaning in or on such as indoor hallways, patios, and more. While our robust fleet of pressure washing trucks and their heavy duty equipment offer an added powerful cleaning. Providing a deep intensive cleaning on a larger scale to shopping mall fronts, parking lots, park armadas, parking garages, and much more.

Clean Sweep Property Services stand apart from the rest because we are able to save you from penalties and fines while protecting the environment. By choosing us you are choosing a company that is compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Clean Water Act (CWA), and will provide an environmentally friendly service. Our one-of-a-kind equipment utilizes an extraordinary triple filtered recycling system and our filtration system that captures runoff water reclaims it by running it through our filtration recycling system. Contaminants are collected and captured to then become processed water. This processed water is then able to be repurposed for the cleaning methods engaged by our superb pressure washing service.

Committed to Professionalism

Clean Sweep Property Services is committed to compliance and professionalism all while providing you with a service that removes cobwebs, dirt, gum, mold, mildew, grease, graffiti, and other unsightly components that can damage and depreciate your property.