Excellent Exterior & Property Maintenance Services

Clean Sweep Property Services believes first impressions are everything.

This is why we recognize that the exterior of your property is just as important as the interior of your property. Whether your property has a large event in need of pre, throughout, or post day porting services, or you require regular cleaning and maintenance services, it’s not a problem. Our day porter and maintenance staff are happy to take care of you today and going forward.

Valley-Wide Convenience

Clean Sweep Property Services is pleased to provide services valley wide for your convenience. With our wide coverage of maintenance and day porting available we are able to ensure your facility is looking its best continuously no matter where you are located. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly day porting to meet the requirements of your tenants and your property’s needs. Have a difficult property that requires extra attention? Not a problem for Clean Sweep Property Services. Unlike other day porting providers we have the capabilities to offer service multiple times a day if needed and perform specially requested jobs.

Our meticulous day porting and maintenance staff always takes into consideration factors such as activity, tenant occupancy, and customers. This is why our specialized maintenance and day porters are always professional and courteous to customers, tenants, and other personnel. You and your staff will always be able to identify our employees with our company issued shirts and/or a provided company identification badge.

With our property maintenance services, you are provided with quick responses and trusted work, that saves you time and money. Our dependable maintenance staff will provide services such as plumbing, light bulb replacement and installation, illegal dumping and removal, and sign repairs and installation just to name a few.

Detailed-Driven Day Porting Services

Clean Sweep Property Services friendly and detailed-driven day porting staff will deliver stellar service at all times. Removing cobwebs, emptying and cleaning receptacles throughout the property, including cleaning and refilling ash receptacles. Additionally, our day porters gladly clear dumpster enclosure overflow, pick up litter throughout your landscaping and property and return carts to their carrels. Our services don’t stop there. Our staff will furthermore clean and maintain all your sidewalks, walkways, windows mullions, sitting areas, and so much more.

All of our staff is equipped with iPads, smart devices and the latest software to ensure your jobs details are not overlooked and completed on time. With our software, we are able to enter, manage, track, and trend all jobs by employee and property. Clean Sweep Property Services observes real-time GPS, and detailed job completion reports. With our system, Clean Sweep Property Services is able to provide you with proof of service and documented pictures upon request. With this feature, we are capable of providing you with needed information about your property. You will always be made aware of activities being conducted. Giving you control to correct issues such as biohazardous materials, graffiti, illegal dumping, damages to fixtures and the rest of your property in a timely manner. Keeping your property safe, clean, and tenants and customers happy.

Request an Estimate with Clean Sweep Today

Our Operation Managers and friendly office staff are here to assist, create, and develop a customized package to best accommodate your property. Clean Sweep Property Services prides itself on being able to provide resolutions to your most difficult property service needs. Let Clean Sweep Property Service help preserve your property’s appeal by giving us a call today!