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Why Hire a Professional Property Maintenance Company

First impressions are important, especially when you own a business.

Keeping the exterior of your building and other outside areas maintained reflects on your reputation and brand. However, not all maintenance can, or should, be done by your employees. There are specialized services that are best performed by a professional, which is why you should hire a professional property maintenance company, especially a top-quality service like Clean Sweep Property Services.

Sure, you can send out an employee to sweep off the sidewalk or pick up trash in the parking lot. However, it is unlikely your business has the right equipment or experience for larger property maintenance projects and your employees may not have the right expertise for commercial maintenance. Hiring a professional service to maintain the outside areas that are in view of the public can ensure that your business always looks clean and inviting, while protecting your investment. Here are some of the services Clean Sweep can perform for your business.

Parking Lot Maintenance

A professional maintenance company can help with the upkeep of your parking lot. From pressure washing and sweeping the pavement to painting new striping and removing curb paint, you need a professional to keep your lot maintained. One of the first places your customers see is your parking lot or garage, so make sure it represents your commitment to quality. At Clean Sweep, we have the right equipment to ensure your parking lot always looks its best and meets the Air Quality Department’s rules and regulations on dust. We have commercial pavement scrubbers and specialized products to remove any grease, oil or stains.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Dirt, bird droppings and mildew can detract from the appearance of your building. Keep the exterior walls and windows clean and maintained with regular pressure washing. A quality professional property maintenance company will have the right equipment and experienced team to keep the exterior of your business looking like new, while adhering to the environmental codes and regulations for pressure washing. Clean Sweep adheres to all EPA and CWA regulations for compliance.

Sidewalks and Other Outside Areas

Your sidewalk, dumpster slab and outdoor patios need more than just sweeping. Clean Sweep offers pressure washing to keep your sidewalks and patios clean and well-kempt. We can also sanitize your dumpster area, important to keeping your business looking and smelling professional. Our hot water pressure washing services can lift away dirt and grime to keep all areas outside of your business clean and sanitary.

Custodial Service for Your Exterior Areas

While some maintenance only needs to be done every few months or maybe annually, ongoing maintenance is also important. Keep your business and commercial property maintained with ongoing exterior custodial service. Clean Sweep offers maintenance service for your outdoor areas, whether you need daily, weekly or monthly custodial care. We can maintain your sidewalks, parking lots, windows and outdoor seating areas, from sweeping and picking up trash to making your windows sparkle.

Special Projects

Did some local kids tag your building with graffiti or a flock of birds do a number on your parking lot? When you need a cleanup right away, give Clean Sweep a call. We can remove graffiti, scrub away bird droppings or take care of almost any special outdoor maintenance project in a jiffy. We have the right equipment and know the protocol for cleaning up any mess that appears around your business.

Benefits of Hiring Clean Sweep for Property Maintenance

You don’t have time to worry about cleaning and maintaining your commercial property, which is why Clean Sweep Property Services can make your job easier. We are locally owned and have many years of experience servicing our customers and helping them maintain their businesses’ exterior appearance. Some of the benefits of hiring us to do your exterior maintenance include:

  • We use proprietary equipment for excellent results
  • We adhere to all EPA, CWA and Air Quality regulations
  • We work around your schedule and show up on time
  • Our services help your business look its best
  • Retain the value of your property with ongoing maintenance

Our services can save you time and help you maintain a stellar appearance for your property. Whether it is your business or an investment property with leased spaces, our job is to help you maintain your building and outdoor spaces without interfering with your customers or tenants.

Why try to maintain your commercial property on your own? Leave the cleaning and maintenance to the professionals to ensure your business’ exterior makes a great first impression year-round. Call our team at Clean Sweep to learn more about our property maintenance services and ongoing custodial plans. It is a wise investment in maintaining the value and reputation of your business.

Clean Sweep Property Services is a fully-integrated high-end professional provider. We will take care of the details for you so you can focus on your business without worrying about ours!

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