Power Sweeping

Sweeping is one of our most popular services that we offer. We use our custom built sweepers to get your property looking fresh for customers and investors. Many property managers set up a weekly schedule to ensure the garages, parking lots, and streets are clean day-to-day.

Clean Sweep has a range of sweepers to choose from depending on the kind of sweeping service you are looking for. We use the Twister Alley F1, Twister Alley F2, and Tymco 600 based on the type and size of the job.

Our custom built regenerative air and broom trucks provide the highest level of sweeping for your property needs. We offer both street and parking lot sweeping.

Clean Sweep is dedicated to ensuring superior customer service. We will customize a sweeping program to fit your property and budgetary requirements. Our highly trained sweeping crew is equipped with backpack blowers to hand-blow all sidewalks, corners, landscaping, curbing, and any loose debris around dumpster areas.

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