Parking Lot Sweeping in Phoenix, AZ

Use Clean Sweep for parking lot sweeping in Phoenix AZ.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources managing your commercial property’s maintenance. Let Clean Sweep take care of everything with our environmentally friendly parking lot sweeping service.

By having a well maintained parking lot, customers will be given a great first impression. This can help your sales and help bring your customers back!

Curb Appeal

A clean parking lot improves curb appeal while making your property safer. It also reduces liabilities from accidents and injuries.

The level of cleanliness your parking lot maintains has a direct effect on the environment.

Our street sweepers will pick up debris and pollutants before they are washed into the drain. As a result, you will be helping protect our Arizona rivers, lakes, and drinking water.

If you want your parking lot to stay litter free, make sure it exudes the same pride as the rest of your business. When your property is free of litter, visitors and guests are less likely to follow the trend of littering.

Wear & Tear

Parking Lots are subjected to heavy wear and tear from traffic use, weather, sand, dirt, and debris. When you maintain your parking lot properly, you are ensuring its maximum longevity. As the life or your pavement is prolonged, a substantial amount of money can be saved!

At Clean Sweep, we want your Phoenix business to have a parking lot that is inviting to customers, helps protect the environment, and increases the life of your property!

Make sure your business impresses all of your customers and anyone who may drive by!

Use Clean Sweep’s Parking Lot Sweeping in Phoenix AZ! Contact Clean Sweep Property Services today!