Need a Parking Lot Sweeping Business?

Are you asking yourself: Should I use a Parking Lot Sweeping Business?

Are you curious about the cost of parking lot cleaning and maintenance? Are you wondering if it is worth your time and effort to find a property services company to maintain your parking lot?

Ask yourself these questions in your research:

  • Does you have a budget set aside for parking lot repairs and re-striping?
  • Is your company liable for accidents that occur on your property?
  • Do your customers see your parking lot before entering your business?
  • Have your employees or customers ever experienced a flat tire on your property?
  • Do people routinely litter in your parking lot?
  • Does your business have good curb appeal?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many tips that can help.

The only way to fix or at least improve all of the above points is through routine maintenance for your parking lot.

Obviously, using a parking lot sweeping business will improve your business’s curb appeal. Many property managers, landlords, and owners do not realize the amount of money that is saved by prolonging the life of their parking lot striping and asphalt.

Over time, parking lot sweeping can save your company thousands of dollars in parking lot asphalt repairs, re-paving, and re-painting.

Clean Sweep is locally owned and operated business in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson metro areas. We want to make sure your pavement and parking areas are safe, clean, and leave the best impression for anyone who visits or simply drives by your property.

Hire our parking lot sweeping business today!

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