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3 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Look Great

What does your parking lot say about your business? Instead of imagining your parking lot as a convenient extension of your business, try to think of it as another person.

Does your parking lot greet your customers and visitors with a smile or is it more of a frown? When you don’t keep a well-maintained parking lot, you are not making visitors feel they are welcome. A great-looking parking lot will help your business stand out and attract customers. If your business involves dealing with clients, they will feel more confident in your expertise and services if the parking lot of your business has a smart appearance. If you want to get off on the right foot with customers or clients, your parking lot is a great place to roll out the welcome mat.

Sweeping & Marking

Your parking lot or garage experiences more traffic than anywhere else on your property. Keeping these areas clean and well-marked is essential in ensuring that your visitors have a great first experience. Appearance isn’t the only reason to have a well-kept parking lot. Maintaining your parking areas will greatly reduce the chances of you facing liability due to an accident.
Sweeping keeps parking lots and garages clean and presentable. However, clearing garbage and other debris also uncovers unsightly staining, which is more difficult to remove when too much time is allowed to pass without maintenance. Tending to your lots and parking garages by sweeping them using eco-friendly industrial equipment will allow you to stay on top of more serious maintenance issues.
Marking is the most important feature in any parking lot or garage. Businesses use marking to help customers and visitors easily find suitable parking spaces and avoid obstacles that may result in accidents. Keeping lot markings well-maintained is essential, given that there are many legal ramifications that can arise from poorly marked locations.

Curb Paint Removal

Whether you are responsible for the paint on the curbs surrounding your building or not, it may have a negative impact on how your business is presented to your customers. Depending on the type of paint that was used, removal can prove difficult. It is often the case that a poor attempt to remove curb paint looks worse than if you had left well enough alone.
Clean Sweep Property Services provides a professional curb paint removal service, ensuring that your parking lots present a clean and welcoming environment to your visitors. Complete paint removal will guarantee that when people visit your commercial premises, they won’t find any unsightly remnants of old or obsolete curb markings.
Old curb painting can cause confusion, which may result in your business being held liable for an accident. If you have changed the markings for walkways, parking lots or garages surrounding your commercial building in any way, make sure to have the old curb paint removed so as to avoid any confusion. You cannot rely on the ability of your customers to differentiate between new and old markings.

Graffiti Removal

There are graffiti artists, such as the UK’s Banksy, who make a living out of creating exceptional works of art that adorn commercial buildings. However, if your business premises have been the victim of unwarranted graffiti or tagging, having the offending “art” removed is a good idea. Vandalism does nothing to help promote a business, but it can do serious harm.
Graffiti removal requires a fast and effective service that discourages taggers from targeting your property in the future. It is also important to keep the exterior of your property, including your parking lots or garages, well-maintained in order to dissuade graffiti vandals from choosing your business as a target.
At Clean Sweep, we can provide you with maintenance services and advice on how to prevent graffiti vandals from targeting your business location. There are a number of specific factors that attract graffiti vandals, so you can save a lot of money on maintenance costs by learning how to make vandals think twice about attacking your building or parking lots.

Clean Sweep Maintenance

Of course, there is one way to ensure that your parking lot always looks great. When you rely on the services of Clean Sweep Property Services, all your maintenance needs are taken care of by our team of experts. We provide rapid response and flexibility that is designed to ensure convenience and ease of access to our services. If you have a cleaning or potential liability issue that requires immediate attention, Clean Sweep is here to help support your business.
A maintenance service is a small price to pay for the curb appeal that your business will gain from a tidy and safe parking lot. For parking lot and garage maintenance services that bolster your business, speak to the experts from Clean Sweep today and get a quote.