Parking Lot Striping in Phoenix, AZ

Does your parking lot striping look brand new? Do your customers have a good first impression before entering your business?

Is your parking lot safe for employees and customers?

Unfortunately, a parking lot’s life is limited. If your parking lot’s striping doesn’t look new, it is time for Clean Sweep to revitalize your parking area.

Parking Lot Striping for Safety

Let’s face it, safety is a big deal. Not only do you want to keep your employees and customers safe, you want to eliminate costly liabilities.

When your striping is faded, customers will try to squeeze into spaces that aren’t parking spots at all. It is not uncommon for people take advantage of faded curbs by parking in loading zones and fire lanes.

As a result, your property will cause:

  • Vehicles to be towed
  •  Door dings
  •  Fender benders
  • Problems with the fire department
  • Accidents

Without a safe and properly maintained parking lot, many problems will arise, none of which are good for business.

Parking Lot Striping for Curb Appeal

Our professional striping improves your property’s visual appeal.

It is important for your customers and clients to have a positive first impression. Our service gives your property the new look that shows customers you care about their business!

Clean Sweep will perform your parking lot striping at a time that is convenient, while using the highest quality and most durable paints.

Your investment in Clean Sweep’s painting service will last as long as possible!

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