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What to Do If Someone "Tags" Your Commercial Building

Commercial business owners and operators have enough maintenance needs to contend with without worrying about “tagging.” Graffiti vandals use tagging as a way to put their stamp on a building, with commercial buildings being especially attractive if the building employs any level of security.

If your commercial building is targeted by a tagger, there is a good chance that it will encourage others to follow suit. In the graffiti underworld, taggers are notoriously competitive so one-upmanship is not uncommon. Once your commercial building is tagged, it is like a colorful beacon to other taggers in the area.

Artists Vs Vandals

Tagging is not always malicious in nature, which is why many cities provide designated areas to allow street artists to express themselves within the rule of law. Unless your business is associated with the subculture, however, a tag defacing your commercial building is never a good look. It is therefore important to understand the distinction between a vandal and graffiti artist.

A graffiti vandal has complete disregard for the impact that tagging has on a business. These vandals indiscriminately target small, medium and large businesses. The graffiti vandal is only interested in causing long-lasting damage to a commercial property and scoring ego-boosting points within the graffiti community. While there is a lot of crossover when it comes to talent, a street artist is someone who is more focused on artistic expression as opposed to vandalism.

Prevention Strategies

There is no such thing as a building that is unattractive to taggers. While it is a good idea to employ prevention strategies against tagging, it is important to first understand your enemy. As a general rule, taggers target buildings that are poorly maintained. However, it is worthwhile taking a quick tour of the area where your building is located to get an idea of the type of buildings that have already been tagged.

If modern, well-maintained buildings are already being targeted by tagging, scheduled maintenance alone will not prevent your building from becoming a target. This type of tagging is an indication that local vandals are specifically going after well-kept buildings to increase the vandal’s street credentials with his or her peers. If this is the case, having the vandalism removed quickly is the best way to discourage taggers.

Breaking up your walls with murals, plants or other fixtures will make it difficult for vandals to leave visible tags. If the results of vandalism cannot be seen from the street, a tagger will most likely look for a more appealing target. This strategy, coupled with regular maintenance, is the most effective way of discouraging vandals from tagging your commercial building.
If you have become the target of graffiti vandals, protective coatings can make tagging virtually impossible. Materials such as wax-based polysaccharide compositions, which can be derived from plants to ensure an eco-friendly treatment, are a great way to ward off potential taggers. Graffiti vandalism is a community-centered activity, so word will soon spread that your commercial building is a no-go area.

Maintenance Considerations

While there are graffiti vandals who relish a challenge, it is essential to keep your building well-maintained and secure. If your business does not permit the hiring of active security guards, you should ensure that tempting surfaces are well-lit at all times. Maintaining your lighting is essential if you want to deny vandals the cover of darkness that they crave.

Consider repainting the exterior walls of your commercial building in darker colors. Graffiti vandals prefer a blank canvas and darker colors are often not worth the challenge. Of course, it is important to keep the curb appeal of your building in mind when repainting. Dark colors may not work with your building’s surroundings, which could do more damage to your business than an entire community of taggers.

The quickness of your response to graffiti vandalism can make all the difference when it comes to future attacks. Ensuring that graffiti is removed within 24 hours will take the wind out of the sails of even the most dedicated tagger. Removing graffiti quickly will also discourage other taggers from targeting your commercial building.

Maintenance Services

Removing graffiti vandalism is not enough on its own. When you employ a maintenance service, it is important to deal with a company that understands the motivations and habits of taggers. There is no “one size fits all” approach to preventing damage to commercial property from graffiti. You need a maintenance service that offers excellence and innovation in their approach to combatting vandalism.

Clean Sweep Property Services has the experience and expertise you need to help your business address graffiti. We can consult with your business and create solutions that help keep your commercial building free from defacement. Call today to find out how Clean Sweep can help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building.