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When the job is completed, is the work satisfactory? If you are searching for a reputable provider, make sure to choose a contractor that specializes in pressure washing. There is a lot more to safe, professional-quality washing than just placing a low-budget washer in the hands of a untrained labor. Without the right equipment and… Read More

Many believe that pressure washing is a simple process using simple tools. Although some of the misconceptions are common, they are not correct. Here are some of the common misconceptions: Pressure Washers are All The Same This is completely untrue. When you use a discount contractor, it is likely they are using inferior equipment. As a result,… Read More

We take pride in our environmentally friendly and customer-focused business. After all, without our customers, we wouldn’t be here. Benefits of Pressure Washing Deep Cleaning Pressure washing is the best way to cut through mold and grime build up. Scraping and harmful chemicals are not used, so your surfaces will always be safe. Curb Appeal… Read More

Are you tired of juggling multiple service companies in an effort to professionally maintain your property? Clean Sweep Property Services takes the hassle out of property management, providing the pressure washing and property services you need quickly and efficiently. Unlike some fly by night “maintenance companies,” we have the experience and expertise to deliver professional,… Read More

Stop turning off your customers and losing business with your salty walkways and grimy floors. Use Clean Sweep’s professional pressure washing to save money and increase sales! Prolong the life of your floors, carpets, entryways, pavement. Use Clean Sweep’s professional pressure washing service. We can help you: Wash away the excess salt and sand residue so it… Read More