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It is often an area that gets overlooked, but it does impact the “curb appeal” of your property. Dirty curbs and peeling paint can make your commercial property look unkempt and unprofessional. However, maintaining curbs is not a job for a novice. At Clean Sweep Property Services, we offer professional curb cleaning, paint removal, and… Read More

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Keeping the exterior of your building and other outside areas maintained reflects on your reputation and brand. However, not all maintenance can, or should, be done by your employees. There are specialized services that are best performed by a professional, which is why you should hire a professional property maintenance company, especially a top-quality service… Read More

When the job is completed, is the work satisfactory? If you are searching for a reputable provider, make sure to choose a contractor that specializes in pressure washing. There is a lot more to safe, professional-quality washing than just placing a low-budget washer in the hands of a untrained labor. Without the right equipment and… Read More

Many believe that pressure washing is a simple process using simple tools. Although some of the misconceptions are common, they are not correct. Here are some of the common misconceptions: Pressure Washers are All The Same This is completely untrue. When you use a discount contractor, it is likely they are using inferior equipment. As a result,… Read More

Are you curious about the cost of parking lot cleaning and maintenance? Are you wondering if it is worth your time and effort to find a property services company to maintain your parking lot? Ask yourself these questions in your research: Does you have a budget set aside for parking lot repairs and re-striping? Is… Read More

Our beautiful state and wonderful country are energized by the hard work, dedication, and risk that entrepreneurs, business owners, and prospective business owners in Arizona have committed to! As a start up business ourselves, we understand the challenges in building, maintaining, and growing a self-sustaining and profitable business. We realize that small business owners, investors, and those who… Read More

Clean Sweep of Phoenix, offers a wide variety of property services, including weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual pressure washing services for high traffic garages. Pressure washing can also be used to clean up exhaust debris and thick dirt that has collected over time. Our professional scrubbing service is the best solution to remove oil, grease, grime,… Read More

Window Washing for Happy Customers & Employees Clean Sweep will make your business look good. Customers will be in a better mood with clear views and sunlight beaming through the windows. It is more likely to earn the business of happy customers than those who are stuck in a dreary office. Employee moral is higher… Read More

Does your place of business give a good impression to customers? Do they notice anything that stands out in your parking lot, sidewalk, windows, or building exterior? If so, does something positive or negative stand out to your customers? One of the important things we understand is the value of an impressive parking lot and… Read More

Don’t waste valuable time and resources managing your commercial property’s maintenance. Let Clean Sweep take care of everything with our environmentally friendly parking lot sweeping service. By having a well maintained parking lot, customers will be given a great first impression. This can help your sales and help bring your customers back! Curb Appeal A… Read More